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[PDF] Lust | by ☆ DianaRaab, Lust, DianaRaab, Lust A passionate journey through private emotional moments Diana Raab s Lust voices the pain of loneliness and the heart s yearning for love while transcending the depths of human desire In her fourth book of poetry Raab employs narrative verse that is alive titillating and seductive Lust examines the emotional and physical complexity of love helping readers navigate theA passionate journey [PDF] Lust | by ☆ DianaRaab - Lust, Lust A passionate journey through private emotional moments Diana Raab s Lust voices the pain of loneliness and the heart s yearning for love while transcending the depths of human desire In her fourth bo
  • Title: Lust
  • Author: DianaRaab
  • ISBN: 9781625490582
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback

  • Lust By DianaRaab [PDF] Lust | by ☆ DianaRaab - Lust, Lust A passionate journey through private emotional moments Diana Raab s Lust voices the pain of loneliness and the heart s yearning for love while transcending the depths of human desire In her fourth bo
    Diana Raab is an award winning memoirist, poet, essayist, speaker and workshop facilitator focusing on the transformative and healing aspects of personal writing She teaches workshops nationwide and frequently writes on the transformative powers of writing She is the author of 8 books and over 500 articles and poems She blogs for Psychology Today, PsychAlive, The Huffington Post, Boomer Cafe and Elephant Journal.Her latest book is WRITING FOR BLISS A SEVEN STEP PLAN FOR TELLING YOUR STORY AND TRANSFORMING YOUR LIFE Loving Healing Press, Sept 2017.For information, check out her website, dianaraab or Follow her on Twitter dianaraab

    Lust By DianaRaab


    SoWrongItsRANDI Bell, Book & Candle
    Bell, Book Candle Lust Spotlight, Review GiveawayI have been a long time poetry fan since I Shel Silverstein s books when I was in second grade, and to be truthful, I knew how to write poems before I could write stories This collection of poems are about a woman s journey through love, passion etc, and not BDSM like 50 Shades of Grey I m forewarning you all because while I was reading this, my friend was gawking at me like I was reading a smutty magazine How rude I feel very moved by these poem [...]

    Carl Brookins
    Lust, from my American Heritage dictionary 1953 is defined as overpowering or overmastering desire Lust is also defined as principally desire or love of an intense sexual nature Elsewhere, love is defined as the intense and overpowering desire of a human for one of the opposite sex I include these entries as a way into a consideration of this slender, intense, volume of narrative poems, focused, as the title suggests, on the physical elements of love and desire between the woman as writer and lo [...]

    Beautiful Provocative, dramatic, passionate words I keep this by my bed and read a selection every night Time richly spent FTC Disclosure I received this book free through the GoodReads Giveaways The opinions in this review are my own.

    This review was originally posted on my old blog for a blog tour on September 23rd, 2014 An updated version can also be found on my new blog Bookish Wanderlove If you know lust like I know lustyou know how it grabs youin places that feel so good,in a way that trumps tomorrow.It snatches and strangles our pasts awayand forges forbidden futures,while injecting needles of pure pleasureinto any artery receptive to its dose The Book Cover Presentation is everything, right When I received Lust in the [...]

    Grace Troxel
    WHERE ELSE where else but in art can you let your fantasies blossom and dreams flower nowhere.Lust is the fourth book of poetry by Diana Raab The book explores the emotional and physical intimacy of love, painting brief pictures of private moments shared between individuals and the complex feelings that they evoke.As in most collections of poems or short stories, some words seemed to leap off the page, while others fell flat Part of the beauty of reading a collection of work is that it gives rea [...]

    I received a free audiobook version of Lust by Diana Raab from TLC Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.Lust by Diana Raab is a collection of erotic and romantic poetry Through these poems, Raab tells of how love, sex, and heartbreak affects a person s most inner being This moving collection contains short, thought provoking poems that delve into sensuality and love loss.While listening to the audiobook narrated by Kate Udall, I discovered that many of the poems are tastefully passionate [...]

    These are the kind of poems you read cover to cover over a coconut latte From the start, I envied the five hour lovemaking sessions but quickly realized if I ever HAD five hours, I d break it up into a 12 15 minute lovemaking session, a yoga class, tea with an old friend, two read alouds with my girls, an hour to write a poem, a long, hot shower, a 20 minute nap, then go for another quickie But how fabulous and promising for the future of my domesticity to discover the world that Raab paints for [...]

    Papi Z.
    I received this poetry collection in exchange for an honest review.My goodness, what can I say about this one wipes sweat from brow This one is a steamy, highly thought out, well done poetry collection of the highest order I will do my best to give it justice Sometimes, I find myself feeling intimidated by poetry Poetry when done correctly, is deeply thought provoking and this one is definitely that.It was difficult for me to narrow the collection down to just a handful of poems For varying reas [...]

    Nsikan Akpan
    Poet Diana Raab does a great job of displaying appreciation of sexuality at any age It seems as though the poet takes readers on her sexual journey through life Some moments are explicit and some are just full of love and appreciation When read from cover to cover, the poems form one big story.Unfortunately, if you have trouble with sexual content, this isn t for you When reading, the poems did sometimes get me aroused and had me thinking about sex a bit than I wanted This could be a good and a [...]

    In Lust, Diana Raab celebrates the human capacity for passion, intensity and pleasure In particular, these erotic poems explore pleasures deeply rooted in physical sensation Much of the collection s narrative depicts the speaker engaged in an intense sexual affair with a dynamic lover While one may read the series of poems as a memorable account of a relationship, I see the affair as a metaphor for something larger The lover, who is referred to as a muse, a drug, even a healer, seems to personif [...]

    Nay Denise
    Received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Lust is pretty good adult poetry book I gave this a 4 star rating I enjoyed the idea of the book not only being based on sex, but the emotions and feelings of different sexual relations and interactions between strangers and couples Some of the poems left me a bit stumped wondering what they meant, while others kept me intrigued and interested.I loved how the Diana used the words to really get me interested She didn t [...]

    Won this book from GoodReads Wow this book of poems really went deep into my soul It brought me sadness, heat, excitement, love and surrender Diana really can put words together that make you feel like your in the book feeling all this passions and desires We are sexual beings who lust for love and hope that love is given back In our society now real true love is hard to find While reading this I was hoping to find that same passion and want for that special someone I highly recommend you read t [...]

    Phil Mayes
    The feelings aroused by sex, love and loss are so rich and intense that we struggle to name their nuances Diana Raab does a fine job of this in her collection of poems, using long associative sentences that flood forth with barely a punctuation mark, a stream of images that resonate with our own experiences I admire her skill at describing states of ecstasy so well while scarcely naming a body part.

    I have been a long time poetry fan since I Shel Silverstein s books I used to read them as a child and I think that is where my love of poetry came from I love reading and writing poetry it is my biggest pleasure out of life These are the kind of poems you read cover to cover without a stop in between I do have to apologize to Diana for not reading this book as soon as I received it in the mail and then loosing it and then finding it and not immediately reading it as soon as I found it.

    received for free through First ReadsA collection of sensually inspired poems It wasn t the style of poetry I like I tend towards T.S Elliot but it was alright I didn t particularly care for the sexual imagery, I felt it would have been effective in capturing me if it used less lewd explicit descriptions and a bit subtle sensuality.

    Amazing poetry, very intimate without being overtly so I found myself drawn to the speaker s voice in each poem I found myself forgetting I was reading poems about sex and just enjoying the rich, sensual language.I won this book through Giveaways.

    I m never sure I understand poetry but there was a lot I liked here.

    Isreal Okeowo
    superb I loved the poems I couldn t put it down for a minute till I finished all the poems I recommend it to everyone it is really good

    RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEW A set of poems that will have you steaming Well written If you get hot easy, tread lightly inIf you like hot and steamy jump in full force

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