The Girl You Left Behind Best Read || [Jojo Moyes] #2022

The Girl You Left Behind Best Read || [Jojo Moyes], The Girl You Left Behind, Jojo Moyes, The Girl You Left Behind Another New York Times bestseller by the author of Me Before You After You and Still Me a spellbinding story of two women united in their fight for what they love most Jojo Moyes s word of mouth bestseller Me Before You catapulted her to wide critical acclaim and struck a chord with a wide range of readers everywhere Now with The Girl You Left Behind Moyes returns wA The Girl You Left Behind Best Read || [Jojo Moyes] - The Girl You Left Behind, The Girl You Left Behind Another New York Times bestseller by the author of Me Before You After You and Still Me a spellbinding story of two women united in their fight for what they love most Jojo Moyes s word of mouth bes
  • Title: The Girl You Left Behind
  • Author: Jojo Moyes
  • ISBN: 9780143125778
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Girl You Left Behind By Jojo Moyes The Girl You Left Behind Best Read || [Jojo Moyes] - The Girl You Left Behind, The Girl You Left Behind Another New York Times bestseller by the author of Me Before You After You and Still Me a spellbinding story of two women united in their fight for what they love most Jojo Moyes s word of mouth bes
    Jojo Moyes
    Jojo Moyes is a British novelist.Moyes studied at Royal Holloway, University of London She won a bursary financed by The Independent newspaper to study journalism at City University and subsequently worked for The Independent for 10 years In 2001 she became a full time novelist Moyes novel Foreign Fruit won the Romantic Novelists Association RNA Romantic Novel of the Year in 2004.She is married to journalist Charles Arthur and has three children.

    The Girl You Left Behind By Jojo Moyes

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    Diane Yannick
    I m probably done with this author The storyline about Sophie and Eduoard during WWI kept me interested The details and complications of the German Occupation seemed realistic and were thought provoking The painting of Sophie deeply affected all who viewed it and I liked the way it linked the two plots Sophie s persistent bravery in the face of harsh circumstances and pure evil was pretty darn amazing.Here s the rub That second modern day storyline just didn t cut it for me Liv and Paul never fe [...]

    Stacia (the 2010 club)
    It was never about the painting, Sophie And there it was, confirmation of my fate.3.25 stars I loved so many things about this book, especially the historical story of Sophie and her Edouard Their legacy was worth at least 4 and a half stars Unfortunately, I felt the modern day story of Liv and Paul to have floundered on for such a lengthy amount of time that it almost took the focus away from the girl in the painting who was in my opinion the star of the book and the reason for why everything w [...]

    Maria Clara
    Se puede decir que estoy sin palabras Sin respiraci n No hace muchos d as una compa era de GR me dijo que Jojo Moyes era una apuesta segura, y qu raz n ten a Es, son, dos historias tan fascinantes, duras y tr gicas que ufff Sin lugar a dudas, una de las mejores novelas que he le do este a o

    This is an astonishing novel which beautifully connects present and past in a tale of war and love.The Girl You Left Behind has a dual time frame narrative the first part is seen through the eyes of a woman in occupied France in 1916, the second through one living in modern day London I m not generally a fan of historical literature, particularly one with a war setting, so I was slightly reluctant at the start of this novel However, any doubts I had were washed away mere minutes after picking up [...]

    Aestas Book Blog
    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED So I m going to be honest and say that I m rather shocked that a I read this, and b I really liked it This was a completely random book choice for me Prior to yesterday, it wasn t even on my reading radar But when I read the blurb, I was intrigued by the dual storyline and decided to try a few pages and then, even though on so many levels it s just not my kind of book, I read it straight through to the very end It helped that another one of this author s books, Me Before Y [...]

    5 stars I m so glad that I m stingy with 5 star ratings so that I can save them for when I really mean it The Girl You Left Behind is the story of Sophie Lefevre who is living in occupied France 1916, and Liv Halston who lives in modern day London 2006 These two women are connected by a painting, a portrait of Sophie painted by her husband Edouard, called The Girl You Left Behind This was quite a story, and I honestly think Jojo Moyes is in a class all her own for pulling it off She did such an [...]

    This is quite a borderline great book, with its talented author, and detailed characters, all making for a read never restrained by the tag chick lit it carries The story encompasses the overlapping of history and geography.It s not unlike a Jeffrey Archer book But while Archer can only do so much, and has recourse of deaths to drum up drama, this book can do all of that without resorting to ultimate means Here the deaths are few and pack a mean punch to the gut when they occur The Girl You Left [...]

    [~Ami~]♥Sexy Dexy♥
    5 stars I wasn t planning on writing a review for this book I thought my 5 star rating spoke for itself But its been 9 days since I read this and I can t get this book out of my head I love JoJo s writing This is my favourite of hers to date out of the 4 books I have read BTW I love the way this book ended.Recommend for those who enjoyWorld war romance slight historicalHeartacheSome JoJo humour2 strong heroines told from past present


    Abril Camino
    Hola, resaca lectora m s insoportable de mi vida y sensaci n de jam s encontrar un libro que me guste tanto como este Qu bonito, qu intenso y qu todo Perfecto.

    Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    It s WWI and Sophie s husband painter Edouard has left to fight in the war Sophie moves back to her family s hotel during his absence, which has now been occupied by the Germans In an effort to maintain some semblance of normalcy, Sophie has kept a portrait of herself, painted by Edouard, hanging on the hotel wall and the local Kommandant has found himself drawn to it Sophie will offer everything she has to become this woman once again for the Kommandant in hopes of reuniting with her spouse.Fas [...]

    Heerlijke feelgood roman vakantie leesvoer Het verhaal behelst twee liefdesverhalenspelend in WOI en in het hedent als verbindende factor het schilderij van Sophie Het verhaal is goed geschreven en leest lekker weg.erhet laat geen blijvende indruk achter.

    This is an amazing story

    Marisa Sauco
    Ese momento cuando SOBRAN LAS PALABRAS.

    Jojo eres fant stica La novela tambi n lo es Fin de la rese a Para m s informaci n pasad por los tropecientos blogs que han recibido la novela gratis.

    This feels like a particularly apt moment to say that I abandoned this book as part of my no books featuring romantic relationships with Nazis policy.Can you believe that it s 2017 and this is the third time I ve had to disavow Nazis this goddamn week Anyway This isn t a review of twenty first century America, so I ll move on But don t you kinda wish it was Not even a little Got it After I really loved Me Before You, I a immediately fell into a slump and b attempted to remedy said slump by acqui [...]

    , , , , , , 2 1916 , , Suite fran aise N mirovsky Ir ne, N mirovsky , 2006 4,5 5

    This was totally unexpected After reading Me Before You, I was all geared up to have my emotions raked across the rocks in a good way , and this wasn t that It wasn t a bad story, but it s always difficult to readjust expectations.Sophie is an artist s wife living in occupied France On the wall of her hotel hangs a portrait of her, painted by her husband It s daring and sexy in a way Sophie struggles to see herself and it catches the eye of the Kommandant who craves Sophie When she discovers tha [...]

    An outstanding narrator added extra appeal to this already excellent book Male to female, French German accents were very, very good Two timelines joined together by a painting done in war time, and the struggle to find its rightful owner in the new millennium.Historical fiction is not my genre of choice, therefore I did enjoy the latter current day story , but as a whole, I did enjoy this novel Jojo Moyes is an author of talent and I look forward to getting to all of her books at some stage I w [...]

    OMG I have no words perfection Okay so i m still crying and this review might suck but here we go I loved loved loved this book I love all things old and historic,so reading about World War I,and France, was really such a blissful thing to do The first war hasn t got that much publicity as much as the second world war,so it was interesting reading about it i kept thinking of Downton Abbey xD The scenery,circumstances and characters were built so carefully Sophie and Liv both were not perfect peo [...]

    Carmen de la Rosa
    Un libro maravilloso Tan incre ble que me dejo en shock JOJO MOYES LO HA VUELTO A HACER El libro tiene dos historias y se dividen en dos partes La primera parte del libro es la historia de Sophie en el a o 1916, es una historial desgarradora La narraci n es en primera persona por Sophie, lo cual es excelente, lo que hemos le do a Jojo sabemos que su pluma es exquisita, el ritmo que es muy bueno por lo que la autora consigue meterte entre las p ginas desde el principio y que no puedes parar de le [...]

    The Girl You Left Behind is Jojo Moyes s follow up to Me Before You and packs just as much emotional punch The book is separated into two parts, the storylines taking place almost one hundred years apart The first involves, young Sophie, wife of French artist, Edouard Lefevre, fighting at the front lines in World War I Sophie, her sister Helene, Helene s two young children, and their teenage brother Aurelien are living in a town under German occupation When the newly appointed Kommandant decides [...]

    After reading Moyes novella, Honeymoon in Paris, preceding this novel, I couldn t wait to see how the characters lives played out in this engaging novel and I wasn t disappointed Part One takes place in France during the first world ware story of Sophie and Edouard was so fascinating that I was thrown for a loop when in Part Two the characters totally changed and the time became 2006 Once I adjusted, I realized that this was also an extension from her novella and I was sucked right back in I enj [...]

    La historia de Sophie es conmovedora.

    An Munoz
    Brillante manera de comenzar una relaci n con Jojo Moyes La Chica que dejaste Atr s, una historia que se lee a dos tiempos Intensa, triste, Esperanzadora, hermosa He conocido a dos luchadoras a Sophie, que me ha ense ado que el Amor es la base de la Esperanza y a Liv, que me ha ense ado que la Esperanza es lo ltimo que se pierde, cuando se lucha por lo que uno quiere Estas dos me han mantenido pegada a sus p ginas sinti ndolo todo muy real, por esto me quedo encantada de conocerte Jojo Moyes, no [...]

    Maria Sol
    Una vez mas un libro de esta autora me abduce de principio a fin y consigue enamorarme, amo como escribe, hace que sea tan ameno leer, tan llevadero que me pasa que no quiero que se termine nunca el libro Me encanto Ame y sufr como loca con las historias de Sophie y Liv, llegando al final casi que ya estaba desesperada por ambas, pero por suerte y de una forma inesperada todo se soluciona y yo pude volver a leer y respirar al mismo tiempo, jajaj, soy exagerada, pero es que realmente ya me estaba [...]

    Una novela que me ha cautivado Jojo escribe que es una maravilla, y yo solo hab a le do hasta la fecha un libro suyo, no tengo perd n Hace unas horas que he acabado la historia y todav a tengo presentes a Sophie, admirable, y a Liv, y como ha tejido una trama tan perfecta Jojo.

    Another great read by Jojo Moyes She sure knows how to write a powerful story, all the while weaving in polarizing topics, and different topic strands well developed characters Most of her protagonists feel like good friends by the end of the book.The Girl You Left Behind is actually a painting with an unresolved past Two stories interweave telling us what happened to both women and how this single portrait of Sophie Lefevre impacted so many lives.Sophie Lefevre, a hotel owner, ends up living in [...]

    Diane S ☔
    3.5 Moyes is very good at creating dilemmas and very real people who have to deal with them In this book it is the Germans in 1916, taking over their little French town, and deciding to have Sophie cook for the Kommandant and his men Of course she really has no choice in the matter, she is hoping to stay alive and protect her family, so that when her husband Eduard returns, they are all still alive How much would one do to keep their family safe, to protect them and hopefully save them That is t [...]

    Helene Jeppesen
    Once again, Jojo Moyes has written an amazing book that entwines two lives, two eras and that went straight to my heart From the very first page, I was captivated and I quickly fell in love with the main character, Sophie I love how Jojo Moyes allows for the reader to follow Sophie and her story for about 1 3 of the book before we move on to modern time and to Liv As I said, this book deals with two time periods and it does so beautifully We get to know the two main characters thoroughly, and we [...]

    • The Girl You Left Behind Best Read || [Jojo Moyes]
      203 Jojo Moyes
    The Girl You Left Behind