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Free Read Blood of Others - by Rick Mofina, Blood of Others, Rick Mofina, Blood of Others The disappearance and murder of a lonely San Francisco insurance clerk puts a relentless crime reporter and legendary homicide cop on separate tracks in their pursuit of a killer The suspect lures solitary women out of their quiet worlds and into his nightmare as he races the clock and travels the globe searching for the one woman who will forgive the unforgivable In the cThe disap Free Read Blood of Others - by Rick Mofina - Blood of Others, Blood of Others The disappearance and murder of a lonely San Francisco insurance clerk puts a relentless crime reporter and legendary homicide cop on separate tracks in their pursuit of a killer The suspect lures sol
  • Title: Blood of Others
  • Author: Rick Mofina
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Blood of Others By Rick Mofina Free Read Blood of Others - by Rick Mofina - Blood of Others, Blood of Others The disappearance and murder of a lonely San Francisco insurance clerk puts a relentless crime reporter and legendary homicide cop on separate tracks in their pursuit of a killer The suspect lures sol
    Rick Mofina
    Rick Mofina is a former journalist and an award winning author of several acclaimed thrillers His reporting has put him face to face with murderers on death row in Montana and Texas He has covered a horrific serial killing case in California and an ard car heist in Las Vegas, flown over Los Angeles with the LAPD Air Support Division and gone on patrol with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police near the Arctic He has reported from the Caribbean, Africa and Kuwait s border with Iraq His true crime articles have appeared in the New York Times, Marie Claire, Reader s Digest and Penthouse.By 2010 his books will have been published in 8 languages and 16 countries.Series Tom Reed and Walt Sydowski Jason Wade Jack GannonAwards Arthur Ellis Award Best Novel 2003 Blood of Others

    Blood of Others By Rick Mofina

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    Joyce Robbins
    One of the best thrillers written This book hits every criteria for a five star rating.Right from the start, the ground work was set for an edge of the seat ride of emotion and suspense Each player has a story to tell, and connects to the main plot brilliantly As I read deeper into the story, it was as if I attending a private screening for some Hollywood blockbuster The storytelling was that good.There is no getting away from the fact that there was an element of gore in the description of the [...]

    Another amazing thriller from author Rick Mofina, Blood Of Others , is a hard driving thriller packed with suspense The third of the Walt Sydowski Tom Reed series this one goes from grisly murder to national security before it ends Almost a spinster, Iris Wood is found brutally murdered by stabbing, and redressed into a bridal gown in the front window of a bridal shop In addition to several stab wounds in the heart, the killer has removed Iris face Veteran reporter Tom Reed again hanging by his [...]

    This book is yet another page turner by one of my favorite crime writers Rick Mofina I read it on my kindle I m not going to say much except that I always like the way he gets my heart racing at 97% of the way through the book when things are hanging on the brink of disaster with no resolution as yet

    Arthur Okun
    The best way to spend a quite afternoon is to read a Rick Mofina novel What a treat BLOOD OF OTHERS is a novel that tells a story A tale of women in their prime who are so alone.Who hope for companionship A relationship To dream of the picket fence,and laughing children.And they make a mistake They turn on their computers and tell the electronic devise they arelonely.And,Rick Mofina has returned to his cast of characters from his previous novels.And, this series gets even netter In San Francisco [...]

    Pam Resner
    Amazing bookYou won t want to put it down It will keep you on the edge of your seat Very engaging and realistic characters who feel real.

    Are lonely women being targeted or is a San Francisco insurance clerk the first victim of the killer And who will be the one woman who will forgive the unforgivable Can he be stopped.An interesting read for most of the time Didn t really care much for the characters of Tom Reed and Walt Sydowski though.

    Judi Anne
    Ugh Too much discombobulation in the plot and too much gore Really A women dead in the window of a bridal shop with her face removed Yuk, apparently, I didn t read the publisher s synopsis carefully enough.

    Meh Tried to do too many things at once It is a rare story in that I didn t much like any of the characters.

    Donna J
    Love Rick Mofina Thrillers I feel like I keep repeating myself with Rick Mofinas books, but Blood of Others is one psychological thriller I never expected from Ricks expanding books which includes all his and my favorite charactersch as Tom Reed and Detective Sandowski.As usual this superb novel, which is excellent as a stand alone, that s how I came about it, is based in San Francisco, as most of them are and starts with a killing which continues from the most incredible, intellectual, serial k [...]

    Kept Me Up Last NightTom Reed really needs someone to organize his life Always misplacing important papers, doesn t appear to use a calendar for appointments including for his kid , seems to treat his wife as an after thought In spite of that, I like him Walt Sydowski is smart, but he ignores his partner to the detriment of solving the crime sooner Once Walt agrees to share info with the FBI, things happen quickly Louise is good for him Ben Wyatt and Olivia make a cute couple There s one inciden [...]

    I was going to finish this book because I was so far in, but I really didn t want to It s written terribly, it s ok if a little cliche It s the characters specifically Sydowski Reed What massive, ridiculous egos Someone has died You d think the lead detective would use every resource available instead of being a pathetically petty bully And Reed, the journalist the whole writing the story is important than passing on crucial information to the police Sorry There s interesting flaws there s anno [...]

    Tina Bailey
    Good story.So, again Tom Reed is in deep, and I like the grit of the story, but why is it Tom always has a jerk for a boss, which ends up fired because of his treatment of Tom Why is it Tom has vital evidence in murders, kidnapping, etc but finds it fit to hold back information that can save lives If that s how the media works when it comes to these types of cases, then it s just a sad shame The actual story was really good.

    James E. Mayfield
    Another great storyI have read several of Mr Mofina s books and they have all been great every one is hard to put down if you like crime detective books he s the guy to read All his characters are so real and you get where you would like to sit down to a beer or cup of coffee with each of them This book had a lot of twist and turns and leaves you with how important forgiveness is I recommend highly all Mr Mofina s books.

    A washed up reporter and distracted detective race each other and collaborate a bit to catch a serial killer Just a little too cartoonish in plot details and motivations, just a little too convenient in clues and motivations to work together A decent escape but no thinking required for this book.

    Tom Burns
    A really good book about police workDetails This book is such a good read because it is filled with details Excellent police work combined with very competitive journalists make this a very fast paced book If you like crime drama I think you will really like this book even has a really good ending

    Carol Wilhelm
    Gripping storyHave read other books by Rick Mofina and never disappointed Enough action to hold my interest.Takes you through the different steps in how police track down their suspects This would definitely alert you to take caution with whoever you get on line with Would recommend you read this book.

    I really liked the book and how the story developed but I am so tired of characters who forget to charge their cell phones It seems like authors use this tactic a lot, and of course it is always at a crucial moment when the phone dies Charge your phone, people

    Bloody GoodAs usual reporter Tom Reed keeps pace with and at times seems a few steps ahead of the San Francisco police as they look for the killer who posed his victim in a bridal shop window.

    Police, Murders, and ReportersWith a lot difficulty the reporters and detectives zero in on the terrible reality Quiet, insecure women are the folks who reach out to others via the Internet.

    Rebecca T
    Great storyGreat style Keeps you on the edge of your seat Loved the concept of the down and out cop who saves the day Coming from an ex IT nerd, the use of the computer tech lingo was spot on Very believable.

    Fast This took only a couple of days to read I hadn t read a police procedural in ages, sticking only to literature It was fun reading this It was free via a special on.

    Robert A Brown
    Fast paced dramaThe repeat of these characters in this book was like picking up from the la s book of Mofina s I read I loved that one and this one too Fast paced, interesting, and well rendered Love this series.

    Marilyn Smith
    This is one of the best of Rick Mofina s books I have read probably a dozen of his novels, and it is difficult to make that statement since all of his books are excellent I highly recommend his series This book is a great one to start with.

    Mel Christensen
    Great story, a new take on serial killers The only reason I didn t rate it a 5 was because the romantic parts were cheesy, and I don t read this type of book for cheesy romance He s a good storyteller, but needs to stay away from romance.

    sharon mills
    ExcellentLoved the whole book, couldn t put it down All the characters were amazing and was so easy to think of them at there jobs Would definitely recommend to anyone who likes thrillers.

    Victoria Davey
    Brilliant book The second of his I ve read in the Walt Sydowski Tom Reed series and I must say I will very soon be reading all the rest Great writing style and you find yourself saying just one chapter until the early hours of the morning Highly recommended.

    Dewey Carroll Brackett
    Great book I enjoyed reading this book very much It kept me interested and on the edge of my seat It was very scary in places and not for the squeamish I recommend this book for the person who loves thrillers.

    Sheila Woods
    Prepare to read all night I rated this book a solid five The characters were interesting, the plot very well written This is the fourth book by Rick Mofina I have read in a row, and it just gets better and better

    Ed Egbert
    Great ReadA real page Turner here Well written and easy to follow as well as very clean language I recommend this to anyone who loves suspense E

    Ruth King
    Interesting BookThis story had it all love, murder, and figuring out the ending Great characters and plot You need to read it

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