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Free Read How We Met - by Katy Regan, How We Met, Katy Regan, How We Met A contemporary story of love friendship and grief told with Katy s inimitable laugh out loud humour poignancy and heart There are some people you can t imagine life without Liv Jenkins had been meticulously planning her ultimate to do list from the outrageous to sensible of everything she longed to do before her dreaded thirtieth birthday but when tragedy struck shA contemporary sto Free Read How We Met - by Katy Regan - How We Met, How We Met A contemporary story of love friendship and grief told with Katy s inimitable laugh out loud humour poignancy and heart There are some people you can t imagine life without Liv Jenkins had been met
  • Title: How We Met
  • Author: Katy Regan
  • ISBN: 9780007237449
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback

  • How We Met By Katy Regan Free Read How We Met - by Katy Regan - How We Met, How We Met A contemporary story of love friendship and grief told with Katy s inimitable laugh out loud humour poignancy and heart There are some people you can t imagine life without Liv Jenkins had been met
    Katy Regan
    Katy Regan was born and brought up in the northern seaside town of Morecambe Her claim to fame aside from being possibly the only person in the world to get expelled from primary school is that at the age of 16 she went to stage school in Surrey with Posh Spice She worked at 19 magazine for two years before joining Marie Claire in 2002 Highlights in that position included spending ten days in the buff on a nudist resort and becoming a footballer s wife for a week all in the name of investigative journalism In 2004 at the height of her career as the office roving reporter singleton, she fell accidentally pregnant by her best mate who just remained a friend Seeing the creative possibilities in this unconventional situation, her editor commissioned her to write a column And then there were three which proved so successful it ran for two years and inspired many a reader to write in to Katy with their life story She has now taken her loyal following to her blog The State She s In on the Marie Claire website She lives in south London and shares care of her son Fergus with his dad who lives across the road.

    How We Met By Katy Regan


    Megan Readinginthesunshine
    I had never read a book by Katy Regan before, though I have heard positive things about her books, so I was quite looking forward to starting How We Met I must say, the description really intrigued me, I wondered how a group of friends would cope with the loss of one of their team, so to speak How would they each deal with their grief Would some be hit by the loss harder than others How would they cope and move on In How We Met, a group of friends are enjoying life, freedom, and dreaming of thei [...]

    Blog Link missbookworm23 Title How We MetAuthor Katy ReganPublisher HarperCollinsPublication Date 31st January 2013There are some people you can t imagine life without.Liv Jenkins had been meticulously planning her ultimate to do list from the outrageous to sensible of everything she longed to do before her dreaded thirtieth birthday, but when tragedy struck she never got the chance.Two years later, Liv s five closest friends have come together on the anniversary of her death and have made a pac [...]

    I went through a brief period of chick lit gluttony, and during that time, mutually decided with a close friend who joined me on the bender that all non UK chick lit is rubbish She has always held that conviction, and I didn t need much to be convinced of it It s just not the same when the characters don t call each other mates instead of friends , or pop round to my flat instead of come back to my place , or say things like Pampered bloody Chef and Wanker, that one is , or scream MUUUUUUM up th [...]

    HOW WE MET was an extremely average book to me Very cliche and predictable It took me a very long time to read because I was never hooked on it Throughout the whole thing I had to force myself to read it Only when I got towards the very end of the book did I start to actually WANT to read it I also thought it dragged on quite a bit and didn t really go anywhere I also saw a few grammatical and punctuation errors which greatly annoyed me

    Recensione presente sul sito reginlaradiosa Immagino che le stelle siano capocchie di spillo finestre aperte su un altro universo, un mondo in cui le persone ballano e sorridono, e non sanno, perch non gli importa, dove finisce un giorno e ne comincia un altro E poi qualcosa mi crepita dentro, bollicine di luce che si fanno strada nella gola ed escono dalla bocca, e mi riprometto di ricordare che questo, QUESTO, il sapore Finalmente l ho trovato Non c pi la musica, ci siamo solo io e il suono de [...]

    Quando ho scorso la mia lista di libri da leggere e mi sono ritrovata questo titolo tra le mani, il mio primo pensiero stato che diavolo mi sono fumata quando ho scelto un libro con un titolo del genere Poi, facendo mente locale, mi sono finalmente ricordata How we met mi aveva attirato per la trama Per ricordare Liv, la loro amica scomparsa a soli ventotto anni, i suoi cinque migliori amici decidono di realizzare i venti desideri che lei aveva scritto su una lista di cose da fare prima dei tren [...]

    Danielle Stephenson
    I loved the Story of You so decided to read Katy s back catalogue and found this a bit lacking in comparison I found Fraser self indulgent to the point of sheer annoyance and I didn t feel a connection with any of the other characters either And after so many false starts between Fraser and Mia i would have liked to see of how their relationship panned our It was definitely over long and dragged a bit for me.

    Jocelyn Gam
    Exactly what you d expect If you feel like a trashy summer romance read this is for you.

    Katy Regan is an author I ve both enjoyed One Thing Led To Another and really did not enjoy The One That Got Away So when I heard of her third novel I was a bit concerned I wouldn t like it But I had to buy it because I really, really liked the sound of it I love books about groups of friends They are so rare, as most Chick Lit novels are consumed by other things How We Met sounded like it would be a brilliant book because how exactly can a group of friends continue to be the exact same group of [...]

    Kate Neilan
    Read reviews at adventureswithwordsI was very intrigued to received How We Met from the lovely HarperCollins it s red, white, blue and gold colour scheme positively screamed British , and made me a little nostalgic for 2012, year of Jubilee, Olympics and it being OK to be patriotic Not pink, blue and silver perhaps not your standard chicklit As I started to read, I wasn t quite sure where the story was taking me Swimming in the sea off Ibiza for one chapter, then into the cold and damp of the U [...]

    Rea Cobb
    There are some people you can t imagine life without What, at the end of it all, is really important Liv and her friends can t imagine a life different from now freedom, lifelong friendships, and dreams that are still within their reach Then, Liv dies.For those left behind Mia, Fraser, Anna, Norm and Melody everything stops Their lives and dreams are frozen in time In the years that follow, they decide to meet on Liv s birthday to raise a toast and celebrate her life, even though none of them ar [...]

    Siobhan Johnson
    I had never read a book by Katy Regan before though I have heard positive things about her books so I was quite looking forward to starting How We Met I must say the description really intrigued me I wondered how a group of friends would cope with the loss of one of their team so to speak How would they each deal with their grief Would some be hit by the loss harder than others How would they cope and move on In How We Met a group of friends are enjoying life freedom and dreaming of their future [...]

    This book is about a group of five friends who go through a terrible time together, and come out the other end with of an idea about what s really important So reads the quote from Katy Regan on the cover of this advance reading copy, and it just about sums up the story about this group of friends approaching their thirties and needing to get on with their lives There were six Liv is dead, and the six friends are now five.So, first we have Mia mother to Billy, still in an on off relationship wi [...]

    If you are in your late twenties and not quite sure what you are doing with your life, do not read this book it will throw you down a dark tunnel of self doubt and depression.However, if you re of the kind who embraces getting a bit or a lot melancholic every now and then and find yourself wondering what could have been, you may well enjoy this book as I have.Being in the same age group as the protagonists, it was a huge relief to read that this part of life can be struggling fair enough, the pr [...]

    Eileen Thornton
    When six young people meet at university, they become firm friends Even when they go out into the world, they still enjoy each other s company and love doing things together However, when one of the group dies while they are all holidaying in Ibiza, the others feel their lives have come to an end Will they ever get over the loss of Olivia When I first started this book I wondered whether I might be in for a depressing read Did I really want to be drawn into a story about how the remaining five f [...]

    Quest anno non sono ancora riuscita a trovare un nuovo autore che mi sia piaciuto veramente, eccomi qui a commentare l ennesimo romanzo da tre stelline Partiamo proprio dall inizio, il titolo italiano fuorviante, mi aspettavo una commedia romantica e divertente e invece un libro sull amicizia, How we met, il titolo originale veramente azzeccato.E la storia di Mia e Fraser, i protagonisti principali, ma anche di Melody, Norm e Anna che scopriamo poco a poco tra passato e presente Tutto gira intor [...]

    This is a story about a group of friends who are struggling to deal with the unexpected death of Liv They are all finding it hard to move on with their lives and to deal with their grief Her boyfriend Fraser is trying to cope without her and to start a new relationship, but has he found the right woman Mia is trying to cope as a single mum with young son Billy, should she get back together with Billy s father Eduardo Melody and Norm who have always seemed the perfect couple are now facing cracks [...]

    Irene Wright
    Took me ages to get into this book because I was getting confused as to who it actually was about First it was Liv Olivia but she had died so where did Mia and Fraser fit into the whole story And how did Liv die Once this was sorted out half way through, I started to really enjoy the book Most books I read I can get through very quickly at least within a couple of weeks but this one didn t grab me at the start so it took me much longer to read Saying that, once I got through the first half, it t [...]

    L idea di partenza molto bella purtroppo il libro non mi piaciuto granch a causa dei personaggi un bel gruppo di giovani alla soglia dei trent anni, incasinati come pochi, che sanno affrontare i problemi nel modo pi ovvio bere fino a ubriacarsi e perch no con una tirata di droga Menosi, lamentosi e immaturi, ecco l impressione che ne ho avuto e il lutto per la comune amica non che li avvicini cos tanto come sembrava emergere dalla trama.Il romanzo e i personaggi hanno finalmente preso una piega [...]

    In short 6 people meet at uni and become long term friends experiencing the usual student early twenties lifestyle of binge drinking, smoking and the odd recreational drug 6 go on holiday to Ibiza and 5 come home alive This book follows the 5 in the aftermath and how the death implicates their lives going forward To add to this the person that died left a list of the things they wanted to do before they were 30 and the friends try to complete the list for her An indepth look at relationships, gr [...]

    I m not generous with my five star ratings, especially with books that don t belong within a series but I fell absolutely in love with this from the very first page Maybe partially because being British myself Katy Regan s voice was familiar to me Her characters may not have always made the right choices but that s what made them likeable They were so raw and utterly human trying to keep their heads above water after a tragic loss, while at the same time refusing to let their friend Liv and thei [...]

    Becca Adler
    This book could have been so much better except for so many things I wish had been done differently From only getting narration from two of the friends instead of all of them leaving you wondering why the other characters are even in the book, unnecessarily verbose I really didn t need to read the inner thoughts of Fraser while he waited in line at the library especially when nothing interesting was revealed , to, worst of all, enduring Fraser and Mia struggle with this feelings for the entire b [...]

    Bethany (thelittlebookblog)
    This story wasrightif i m honest there wasn t a whole load of character development and Mia annoyed me The cover is very nice, neutral tones and very attractive The back of the book implies that Liv dies at some point in the story Actually she s already dead, and there is very little explanation of the death This makes it very hard to enjoy the story and to piece things together, since the whole storyline is based around a death that we don t know very much about and don t find out much througho [...]

    Word of warning if you re over thirty, don t even bother with this book I found myself actually offended by Regan s portrayal of the character Karen, the forty something barmaid with massive boobs As a nearly forty something ex barmaid with massive boobs called Karen, I may have taken this a little too personally, but I was still appalled by her treatment, and basically spent most of the book wanting to throw rocks at the rest of the characters What a bunch of whining, narcissistic twats Yuk.

    I didn t enjoy this book at all I disliked all of the characters, except for Melanie It s one of those books where everyone is in love with someone who isn t their partner, no one ever tells each other how they feel and everything is a massive secret I thought the plot was lacking so they set out to complete Liv s list only to realise right at the end that it s pointless , some of the dialogue was awful and I was bored most of the way through One of the only things I did like was the portrayal o [...]

    Sana'a Abdul latheef
    It s a story about 6 friends, one of them s dead and the others are trying their best to move on with their lives, but very slowly and horribly Olivia Jenkins, was the only person who tied them together and her loss brought about so much misery in their especially her boyfriend Fraser s In the end they realize there are lot secrets and truths they haven t shared yet, being the close friends they are.

    If knowing who is in love with who right from the very beginning turns you off, then I suggest you leave this book alone because that s exactly how it begins This book is about the process of finding love, discovering love, losing love, and most ultimately, admitting love We don t always admit to ourselves and others who we really do love deep inside And that, that is the theme and key message of this story Have a good read, you romance lovers

    This is probably a 2.5 stars.It s a harmless story, some ok characters, although a couple of them felt a little bit like stereotypes.It was ok for light reading, I felt the author laboured some points a bit too much.It also read a bit like she was trying to fit in lots of little quirky anecdotes that had happened to her or her friends during or after university.But, in general, harmless enough to pass a pleasant time reading it Easily forgettable though.

    I found it difficult not to give up on reading this book part of the way through Events that should have been emotional or tear jerking I just found cliched The novel also seems to be set in an idealistic bubble despite the tough subject matter Apparently having an unreliable family car in the 80s means you were poverty stricken No, it means you were relatively well off I usually love books about groups of friends but this lacked authenticity for me.

    This book wasn t what I was expecting I thought it would be a typical chick lit book but instead it a story about friendship and growing up and apart as a friends It was a little slow to start but I soon became hooked and wanted to know what happened to the characters It is a beautiful emotional story that will hit home with many people in their late 20 s early 30 s.

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