Unlimited Night Rounds - by Helene Tursten #2022

Unlimited Night Rounds - by Helene Tursten, Night Rounds, Helene Tursten, Night Rounds Irene Huss is a former Ju Jitsu champion a mother of twin teenage girls the wife of a successful chef and a Detective Inspector with the Violent Crimes Unit in Goteborg Sweden And now she s back with a gripping follow up to Detective Inspector Huss One nurse lies dead and another vanishes after their hospital is hit by a blackout The only witness claims to have seenIrene Huss is a Unlimited Night Rounds - by Helene Tursten - Night Rounds, Night Rounds Irene Huss is a former Ju Jitsu champion a mother of twin teenage girls the wife of a successful chef and a Detective Inspector with the Violent Crimes Unit in Goteborg Sweden And now she s back w
  • Title: Night Rounds
  • Author: Helene Tursten
  • ISBN: 9781616950064
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Night Rounds By Helene Tursten Unlimited Night Rounds - by Helene Tursten - Night Rounds, Night Rounds Irene Huss is a former Ju Jitsu champion a mother of twin teenage girls the wife of a successful chef and a Detective Inspector with the Violent Crimes Unit in Goteborg Sweden And now she s back w
    Helene Tursten
    Helene Tursten born in Gothenburg in 1954 is a Swedish writer of crime fiction The main character in her stories is Detective Inspector Irene Huss Before becoming an author, Tursten worked as a nurse and then a dentist, but was forced to leave due to illness During her illness she worked as a translator of medical articles.Series Irene Huss

    Night Rounds By Helene Tursten

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    Night Rounds wins my vote in Highest Number of Outrageous Texts My copy of the book is littered with underlines, circled errors and comments but there s too many to highlight them all here I really wanted to like this book though, I was excited thanks to the premise and the author s background I could be missing a few things, since this is part of a series HoweverThere was a lot of problems with the way this investigation was written using Irene Huss point of view 1 I found it disturbing and qui [...]

    Irene Huss, Detective Inspector in the Gothenburg, Sweden police force is a person you would like to know and, especially, a person you would want on your side in a crisis She is an intuitive investigator who also follows accepted procedure other than when the exigences of the plot force her to do something dangerous which, of course, is the case in just about every crime novel published After all what is the point of having a protagonist, one that the author develops over a few hundred pages an [...]

    I was excited to win a copy of Night Rounds A Detective Inspector Irene Huss Investigation by Helene Tursten in the first reads I am a big fan of Swedish thrillers of the Scandinavian, Nordic Noir genre generally And I enjoyed Detective Inspector Huss, the first in a series featuring a non angsting Swedish detective, Irene Huss.Irene is wife to a chef I admire a woman who marries well , mother of twin teenage girls one of whom is passionate, excitable, and prone to getting herself into difficult [...]

    Ann Sloan
    I was eagerly waiting for this fourth installment of Swedish Investigator Irene Huss The first books, Detective Inspector Huss, Torso, and Glass Devil, had been so complex and intense that I had expected that level of page turning compulsion from this book.Truthfully, I had been a bit put off by the perversities of the other books incest, sado masochism, religious zeal , but I found that I missed that element in this book This was a no frills police procedural, well written, but just not compell [...]

    Elaine Tomasso
    A nurse is murdered during a power failure in a small private hospital At the same time a patient dies as there is no electricity to power his ventilator and the next day another nurse is discovered missing An elderly nurse insists she saw the perpetrator and she was a ghost This is the basic plot of a solid police procedural It is not particularly riveting but it gets the job done, examining the case from all angles and leading the team looking into the historical aspects to be nicknamed Ghostb [...]

    This is one of those books that looks at gender issues but does it very subtly Irene Huss is not a perfect character, she might not even be the smartest detective in the room, but unlike many other detectives, in particular nordic ones, that I can think of, she is one of the most well adjusted ones She is an everywoman, and there is something comforting about that.The mystery here is quite good and rather engrossing It plays with the ideas of ghosts, both real and emotional.

    I really like Swedish detective mysteries and have read all of the Inspector Huss books The last one The Torso was so graphic and disturbing that I was questioning whether I would want to read another However I think Irene Huss is a strong female character and I feel like the books give some insight into the workings of Swedish culture, which I find interesting The sub plots of Irene and her family are entertaining, as well as the personalities and interactions within the police department and t [...]

    Helene Tursten does not disappoint in her second novel with Detective Inspector Huss The story is well plotted, with interesting characters This one takes place in a private hospital in Goteborg, Sweden, In the darkest night, the electricity goes out, and when it gets back on, an elderly surgical patient and a nurse are found dead A few deaths happen before the perpetrator is caught There is also a ghost nurse, representing someone who committed suicide at the hospital many years ago The back s [...]

    Anna Eränen
    Olen n hnyt kyseisen kirjan osana tv sarjaa joten tiesin mit odottaa Silti kirjasta paljastui uusia juttuja, jotka oli ymm rrett v sti j tetty sarjasta pois Kirja imi mukanaan, vaikka muutama k nn s oli hieman hassu Tuntui kuitenkin, etten p ssyt tarinaan sis n P sin ja en p ssyt Ehk t m tunne johtuu siit ett olen lukenut t h n menness dekkareita l hes yksinomaan Henning Mankellilta, jonka tyyli on erilainen kuin t ss Helene Turstenilla T m nyt valitettavasti sy yhden t hden, annan siis nelj t h [...]

    Second in the series and I am definitely a fan Solid police procedural with believable characters Detective Irene Huss has a normal family life with two teenage daughters who do what teenagers do bicker and rebel The interactions at work are unfortunately too realistic a boss who tolerates sexual harassment or doles out lame consequences But work gets done and crimes get solved, and the reader has hope that the jerks will get their comeuppance eventually.

    Brian V
    Swedish female Description of family a bit repetitive from last book adds some human interest but is kind of forced Similar perpetrator theme and incomplete ending investigation of prior history of hospital owner and suicide victim lover is the center of the plot but never connected with the resolution of the case, which seems to be a critical piece of the puzzle, and final confession, based on assessment the perpetrator is a sociopath and will want to brag is cheep way to bring a resolution.

    Sue Galbraith
    A light read, I am beginning to think Helene Tursten has a formula that she follows for each story, ticking the boxes as she goes through each scenario But I will keep reading from time to time, as the story is still enjoyable and the plot hard to guess.

    I really like this series Good police procedural and characters I like In the end Dr Lowander 2nd wife is the serial killer as she is afraid that he will divorce her and she has plans to turn the decrepit hospital into a upscale spa.

    Straightforward and intriguing, this novel explores a series of murders at a private hospital Irene Huss and her colleagues use solid police procedure to solve the mystery There is some domestic drama with Irene s teenage twin daughters but it illuminates the family pressures a dedicated detective endures and handles while working a high profile case This book is blessedly free of annoying foreshadowing a pet peeve of mine and illustrates how a well crafted mystery does not need unnecessary bell [...]

    About as expectedI do like Irene Huss

    Debbie O'Mahony
    This is a good read I would read by this author Inspector Huss family life adds an interesting dimension to the mystery.

    Elizabeth Reid
    Page turner.

    Gut geschrieben

    Zo fijn Weer een Scandinavische serie waarin een misdaad opgelost wordt en het verhaal van de hoofdpersoon verder gaat Doet denken aan Camilla L ckberg.

    A bit slow but I ll read the next one

    Good plot Good characters Interesting setting Almost gave 3 stars due to copy edit snafu.

    Sarah Haman
    Decent mysterydidn t figure it out till closer to the end than usual.

    Kimberly Paulson
    Good read.

    Solid police procedural which again concentrates on the teamwork of the murder squad The wacky confession at the end put a damper on this one for me, but generally enjoyable otherwise.

    Deak Wooten
    Tedious with two dimensional characters Little tension, including the identity of the murderer, which is obvious the moment that character is introduced The twists and turns of the plot were well laid out, but that could not overcome the pedestrian writing.

    Nancy Oakes
    Really, I d give this between a 3 and a 3.5 rating, not quite a 4 CAN WE GET SOME 1 2 star ratings, please The action begins in a hospital in the middle of a complete power outage, where the night nurse is on the way back to her station after helping the doctor on call with a patient whose alarm has gone off in the darkness Sadly, the lack of power to the patient s respirator leads to his death Technically the ICU nurse should have taken charge, but she seems to have gone missing Looking through [...]

    Marylouise Dreibelbis
    Mystery was well done My only concern is the fleshing out of the main character, none in this book.

    Cathy Cole
    First Line You re absolutely certain this was the nurse you saw last night An old hospital is hit by a blackout When the lights come back on, one nurse is dead and another has vanished There s only one witness, and she claims that Nurse Tekla is responsible The witness isn t being taken seriously because Nurse Tekla died in the hospital over sixty years ago.Enter Irene Huss, a former Ju Jitsu champion, the mother of twin teenage girls, the wife of a successful chef, and a Detective Inspector in [...]

    Bonnie Brody
    Helene Tursten s second book in the Irene Huss series is quite good Many of the characters return from the debut mystery and they are further developed in this book Irene herself is shown as an excellent police officer and a woman who has family issues she has to deal with Her twin daughters are teenagers and are sometimes a trial for her Her husband, Krister, is an excellent chef at a chic restaurant and is often overworked and tired She is excellent in ju jitsu and knows how to navigate office [...]

    NOTE In the short time since I wrote this review, the series numbering has been changed to reflect the chronology, rendering most of this review nonsensical Anyway, if you read this series in the correct order, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much better the translation work is in the next two books Reading a new series in translation creates a couple of difficulties that both manifest in this book First, despite being labelled number 4 because it is the fourth book in the series availab [...]

    • Unlimited Night Rounds - by Helene Tursten
      328 Helene Tursten
    Night Rounds